Will commercial companies be accessing my data?

We aim to encourage all types of researchers to do more in mental health – that includes company researchers. The sad truth is that not enough commercial research is done in mental health, such as research to invent new drugs, to design mental health apps and educational aids.

We don’t yet know which companies will apply to do research in EDGI but each and every company that does will be closely examined by our advisory board and the NIHR BioResource Steering committee, which includes patient/lived experience representation. Only those companies with ethical aims, and whose research is well justified in the judgement of the scientists and medical doctors on the committees, will be approved to use EDGI data, with all data anonymised. None of your personal information will be passed to external researchers, organisations or companies without your consent. If they request to recontact EDGI participants, the EDGI team and/or the NIHR BioResource will ask you first if you want to be contacted by them on each occasion before we give them your contact details – you can decide.