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EDGI UK is partnering with Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, which exists to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Beat works directly with sufferers and their families, using their experiences to highlight the challenges faced by those affected and campaign for change.


Beat’s support services

You are never alone with your eating disorder. Beat’s support services are here for people who have or are worried that they have an eating disorder, as well as others affected, such as friends or family members.

Beat’s services include:

  • Helplines
  • Online support
  • Peer coaching

Beat's Helplines

Beat offers support on the Helpline by phone, email, webchat (live link) through their social media accounts and by letter. All of Beat's Helplines are free to contact and are open from 3pm - 8pm, Monday - Friday.

Beat's Helpline Advisors can be contacted by:

You can read more about by visiting their website.

Beat’s online peer support

Beat also provides online support groups where individuals can share their experiences with their peers. Groups run daily, with open groups for individuals and themed groups dedicated to a particular eating disorder or group:

Beat's campaigning

Beat actively campaigns for better services and treatment of anyone affected by eating disorders.

Beat can only work towards their vision with the kind and generous support of their donors and fundraisers. Whether it's making a regular gift, getting involved in a challenge event, or raising money in your community, visit their website to find out how you can support Beat.

Am I Eligible?

To take part in the Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative, part of the NIHR BioResource, you must:

  • Have experienced, or have been diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • Be aged 16 and above
  • Live in England

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Developed in collaboration with Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, and with patients and service users.

If you are younger than 16 and interested in taking part, please contact the EDGI UK team at edgi@kcl.ac.uk.

You can withdraw from the study at any time.

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The EDGI UK enrolment process consists of four steps:

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